Nightmare of the Wolf Writer on How Vesemir & Geralt Differ

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is out on Netflix on August 23, 2021. The anime film focuses on the witcher that trained Geralt named Vesemir and gives key backstory details for the hit series. However, Geralt’s mentor has a very different personality than his student and fans are in for a very revealing look into Vesemir’s past.

“I think Geralt is someone, in my opinion, is someone who’s afraid of the world,” explained screenwriter Beau DeMayo to ComingSoon. “It’s why he says he’s just going to be neutral all the time. It’s why he doesn’t get involved. There’s something fundamentally because of his experience, there’s just a hesitancy, there’s trauma there of just I’m not going to get involved. The first person he saved, flipped out on him afterward. He is now the Butcher of Blaviken because he tried to do the right thing. He always tries to get involved and it makes things worse.”

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Meanwhile, Vesemir is far more outgoing and is willing to get into situations.

“The difference with Vesemir is that Vesemir is someone who kind of leans into the world. He loves pleasures. He wants to go to the brothel. He wants to go get the finest food. He wants to go find love. He wants to go find romance and flings and make friends and go to the pub and drink with people. That to me was the way I kept on kind of cracking Vesemir scenes was if Geralt would lean out, Vesemir would lean into the world. Any scene you put him in was kind of the guiding principle for Vesemir when it comes to personality. I guess the easiest way to put it is Vesemir is an extrovert and Geralt is an introvert, but it feels very reductionist and kind of pop psychology.”

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