Netflix’s The Silent Sea Trailer Teases the Darkest Secrets of the Moon

Netflix has debuted The Silent Sea trailer for the forthcoming South Korean mystery sci-fi thriller series, which will be led by Train to Busan star Gong Yoo and Sense8 alum Bae Doona. It will be available for streaming on December 24.

The video highlights the mystery surrounding a space crew’s deadly mission to an abandoned lunar base. Things get more suspicious as they uncover dead bodies inside the station, while an unknown creature lurks around them. Soon, they’ll uncover the darkest secrets of the moon and learn what it will mean for the entire crew’s survival.

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“Set in a future Earth that has undergone desertification, the series is the story of the members of a special team sent to secure a mysterious sample from an abandoned research facility on the moon,” reads the logline.

The Silent Sea stars Gong Yoo (Train to Busan, Goblin), Bae Doona (Sense8, Kingdom), Lee Joon (My Father is Strange), Kim Sun-young (Reply 1988), Lee Mu-saeng (The World of the Married), Lee Sung-wook (Persona), and more.

Gong Yoo, who most recently appeared in Squid Game as a player recruiter, portrays the role of Han Yun-jae, the exploration team leader who must carry out a crucial mission with limited information. He puts the safety of his team members above all else and does not refrain from putting himself in jeopardy to do so.

Meanwhile, Bae Doona is playing astrobiologist Doctor Song Ji-an who joins the team, determined to uncover the truth behind an accident at the now-abandoned Balhae Base research station on the moon.

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The Silent Sea is directed by Choi Hang-yong from a screenplay written by Eun-kyo Park, based on Choi’s 2014 short film titled The Sea of Tranquility. It is a production by Artist Studio, with acclaimed South Korean actor Jung Woo-sung serving as an executive producer.

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