How Will This Is Us’ Final Season End? Hear the Cast Weigh In

The cast of This Is Us is preparing for a bittersweet goodbye. 

They said as much at the premiere of the NBC show’s sixth and final season on Tuesday, Dec. 14, with Mandy Moore—who’s played both young and old versions of the Pearson family matriarch for the past five years—telling E! News correspondent Francesca Amiker that she’s still struggling to accept that this is the beginning of the end.

“I’m savoring every moment as I kind of have from the beginning,” Moore said during the exclusive conversation, which aired on E! News Daily Pop today. “I think we all have. It’s just been so special. I’m definitely grieving.”

Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown agreed, with the latter describing This Is Us as “one of the best jobs” he’s ever had. 

“It’s joyful,” Metz added of the final season, “But it’s very bittersweet.” 

The Pearson siblings’ father played by Milo Ventimiglia was a bit more forthcoming about what season six holds.

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