Celebrities REVEALING Their Favorite BTS Members!

► Celebrities REVEALING Their Favorite BTS Members!
Having a bias as a BTS ARMY is inevitable. Even celebrities have admitted shamelessly to having a favorite from the biggest band in the world. Stick around if you are curious about who in BTS your fav celebrity loves!

First on my list is legendary wrestler, John Cena. The fighter turned Hollywood actor has never been shy to express his love for BTS and the message they put out into the world. During an appearance on the Ellen show, Cena credited BTS for his self love journey. Not only did the group help him grow as a n individual but become more open and vulnerable to his fans. In another interview while on James Corden the Late Late show he was asked his favorite member out of the seven and this is what he had to say. “Being an old school rapper myself, I would have to say RM and J-hope.” Did you even know John Cena was a rapper before WWE? But of course John Cena would mention BTS rapper, J-Hope as his bias since he posts about him so much on his social media. Even RM’s photos make an appearance on Cena’s official IG account. BTS ARMY also love and defend him just like they do BTS members. @BSpring08 said, “I find it very cool that John Cena understood their message and uses his influence to spread awareness and positivity. I love it.”

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